Employment Opportunities

Summer Internships


Responsibilities: Monitor fields and compile information, including crop condition and pest levels. Complete reports, accurately summarizing the above information. Maintain company equipment and vehicles. Take soil samples, file reports and other duties as needed.

Qualifications: Self motivated individuals with good observation and communication skills are desired. Farm background and/or courses in related subjects (crop production, weed science, entomology, plant pathology, etc.) can be helpful, but not necessary. Sincere interest and the ability to learn are essential.

Employment period: From Spring Semester end through August or September.

Benefits to Students: This position offers hands-on experience of practical pest management over a wide variety of farming situations. The typical intern will learn first hand about identification and management strategies of weeds, insects, diseases and plant nutrition. Past interns have found that this experience lays a solid foundation for class work and for future employment.

Soil Sampling Technician:

Responsibilities: Organize and learn different soil sampling techniques, including GPS guided sampling.  Collect soil samples for fertility analysis. Properly label and organize samples.  Operate and maintain company equipment and vehicles issued to you.


Qualifications: Self-motivated individuals with computer and organizational skills.  Good work ethic and ability to work on your own. Farm background and/or related skills can be helpful, but not necessary. Sincere interest and the ability to learn are essential

Employment period: From Semesters end (mid May) through June 30th. July work is sometimes available.


Benefits to Students: This position offers hands-on experience collecting samples for fertility analysis.  Employees will learn proper sampling techniques and how to operate GPS equipment.  Employees will experience independent working skills, mapping skills and basic equipment maintenance.

Consultant Trainee:


Responsibilities: Provide technical agronomic services to farmers for the purpose of increasing their profitability. These include: Soil sampling, Fertility recommendations, Crop planning, Crop monitoring, Pest management recommendations, Computerized record keeping, Maintain company vehicles and equipment.

Education Required: B.S. in plant sciences such as Agronomy, Soils, Entomology or Plant Pathology preferred, but other related majors or experiences will be considered.

Other Qualifications:Self motivated individuals with clear and consistent observation, communication, and decision making skills are desired. Sincere interest and the ability to learn are essential.


For more details about career opportunities with Centrol, send your resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications to: bsmith@centrol.com