How can Centrol help me?

There is a simple equation for Profit: (Yield * Price) – Expense = Profit
This equation exists under the unknowns of RISK and TIME

Centrol helps growers by: 

  • Increasing yield

  • Reducing expense

  • Decreasing risk

  • Saving time

  • Reducing stress

What is the value of Centrol's services?


Centrol clients have indicated that they receive from $3.00 to $10.00 return for every dollar they invest for our services.

But let’s hear what others say!

  • “Crop consultants are one of the best investments a farmer can make!”
    - Rick Morgan, Farm Business Management Instructor, Moorhead, MN

  • “High yield farmers more often hire crop consultants”
    - The Farmer Magazine

  • “Invest in a crop scouting service. You get about a $5 payback for every $1 you spend on crop scouting."
    - Martin Entz, Agronomist, University of Manitoba

  • “Most farmers receive a $2 to $5 return for every dollar they invested in a crop consultant.”
    - Iowa State University Survey

  • “In just two years, Wisconsin farmers participating in an Integrated Pest Management Project saved about $18 per acre.”
    - EPA, 1995

  • In 2003, Top Producer magazine showed the top management challenges over the next 5 years are:

    • Profitability

    • Environment

    • Management

    • Labor

    • Government

    Centrol can help in all 5 of these categories!

What are Centrol's core values?

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Why use Centrol?

  • All our recommendations are non-biased and independent from the sale of any products

  • We will build on the trust that we have earned working with over 1,800 growers in MN, SD, and IA

  • We understand the area agriculture.

  • We have 40 Certified consultants.

  • Centrol is a leader in crop consulting and has been recognized for outstanding leadership, professionalism, and integrity within the crop consulting industry.

What are Centrol's rates?

Centrol usually contracts with producers on a per acre basis and our fees depend on the crop and the services. We try and charge a fair price, based upon grower needs. We use a pricing philosophy that we call "ABCD pricing." 
Rates vary depending on:

  • Crop

  • Location

  • Acreage

  • Number of fields

  • Services requested

Would Precision Ag Technology pay on my farm?


Currently there are multiple precision ag tools to use for increasing productivity. More technology will likely evolve in the future. By learning more about your farm and fields, we can help select which tools will give the best chance of return on investment.

What our growers are saying about us....


"I have worked with Centrol for 23 years, and would not want to farm without them."

Jeff - Madison, SD

"With Centrol, I know I am making the best decisions to get the most out of each crop and season."

Chad - Willmar, MN

"There are only a few people I feel I can truly trust in this world, and my Centrol Crop Consultant is one of them."

Randy - Pipestone, MN

​"There are a lot of decisions to make in farming. Hiring Centrol was one of the best I made. Besides maximizing my yields, the peace of mind on all the agronomic decisions my consultant does for me is priceless."

Paul - Alexandria, MN

"I have worked with Centrol since 1999. During the growing season we have many tasks to manage. We are short on labor so having Centrol scout fields weekly helps manage weed and pest control. Hybrid selection, fertility and crop planning are very helpful. Data management has recently become a major benefit to working with Centrol. The more data we can collect has led to more accurate zone creation for VRT fertilizer and planting. I appreciate the unbiased advice the Centrol staff offers. Working with Centrol helps benefit the profitability of my farming business.

Brian - Tracy, MN

"Working with Centrol is similar to working with an accountant on my taxes. It is very difficult to keep up with all the changes in agriculture, so I hire a specialist."

Greg - Russell, MN (customer of 25+ years)